Kickoff Event

The live, virtual kickoff event on Friday, Oct. 16th from 3pm to 4:30pm (CST) will be one of the biggest resources you will receive. You learn about the explicit expectations of your solutions including:

  • APIs you'll need to interact with
  • User Personas you will need to target
  • Additional requirements

Additionally you'll also hear about the vision for this year's "Seamless Virtual Care" challenge from Sanford Health's Chief Information Officer, Josh Robinson. You'll also learn about the technical challenges of improving virtual care from Madhu Gottumukkala, Sanford Health's Senior Director of Applicaiton Development.

NOTE: details on how to join the Virtual Kickoff will be sent to your registration email by Oct. 14th. 

User Personas

Your solution is expected to address the use of a specific User Persona which can be downloaded via the external_resources channel on the HealthHack Slack

HealthHack Slack

This event will utilize a Slack Workspace. This will be a critical tool in managing your questions and resources for the event. You can access the Slack Here: . If you are having issues getting your slack setup, email the HealthHack team at 


Your team will be assigned a Sanford Health mentor no later than Monday, 10/19 2020 at 5pm CST. Mentors are employees of Sanford Health and bring a world of experience to match your innovation. If you have questions before you have been assigned a mentor, or you join the competition AFTER mentors have been assigned please reach out via the external_general channel on the HealthHack Slack or email the HealthHack team at 

Q&A Session 

We receommend 3 optional sessions per team wherein participants can connect directly with their SMEs (be it a zoom or webex or just an extended IM chat). These will be scheduled between you and your SME shortly your team is assigned.